Tradegy... is a decision. 

A small conscious effort to direct your energy towards a different journey. A thoughtful and inspired path of positive action. A brighter future.....Each day we're given countless opportunities to make small yet significant steps toward a healthier, happier, and more just experience.


Tradegy has always attempted to do more with less. To maximize the scope and impact of this platform we've created, by employing simplistic and time tested processes.

The concept to build an ethical and socially responsible alternative within an industry overshadowed by corporate giants, has been a driving factor from the earliest inception of the company. Tradegy was developed to fill voids in both our local community and the greater apparel industry. A brand cultivated by a group of individuals who choose to support, inspire and challenge each other to grow and explore the furthest reaches of our creativity. To push the perceptions of our limits to new heights.

                                 Question. Experience. Explore

Tradegy carries a refreshingly modern viewpoint with a classic feel. As participants within the natural world, we are stewards of the landscapes that impart joy, inspiration, and a sense of discovery throughout all aspects of our lives. At Tradegy we hold a firm belief that a shift to carefully, well-crafted, locally and ethically sourced products can have a monumental impact on the quality of our environments and communities.

Josh Vlaming

As the life-force behind this endeavor, I've been told that I should try to give an explanation of who I am, what I do and why I do it.... (for those of you who care)

Born in Newmarket Ont. in 1988, to a family of artists. I was soon rolling through the neighbourhood on a relic of a skateboard with dreams of becoming a surf bum. After my family relocated a few times, I ended up in Haliburton County, where I spent the majority of my teenage years.  Almost overnight, my passion for skateboarding grew into a love affair with snowboarding. Shortly thereafter, I awakened to a viable outlet for my creative efforts within the board-sports industry. I started designing boards, and creating DIY clothing and accessories while searching for the name that would represent me. A few short years later Tradegy was born. 

It has been a long and winding road to get to where I currently sit. Every moment of this adventure, thus far, has been a gift. Big things are happening as we pass the decade mark, and I invite you all to be apart of this movement to help promote positivity and awareness. This beautiful world is ours to explore. We are stewards of our environment and we are shaping it with every choice we make, one ethical decision at a time.

I hope to see you in the mountains.